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We have 20 company-owned and operated service centres across India. Our service centres have cutting-edge test benches for diagnosing alternators, starters, fuel pumps, common rails, and injectors. Our service technicians have years of expertise and extensive training in repair work. We also have tractor authorised service facilities all throughout India to cater to the tractor segment with precision. We deliver high-quality service using genuine spare parts, ensuring your peace of mind. Our service centres are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment to meet strict emission standards such as BS 6 as well as prior emission standards such as BS 4, 3, 1. Our service centres have been upgraded with emerging technologies to suit BS 6.2 standards.
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Our experienced technician Deliver the greatest service to our customers with accuracy. Our workshop is fully equipped with authorised tools, test benches that are kept up to date with the latest software, and we guarantee the highest level of service quality.

We have authentic parts, the newest technology and diagnostic tools, and a nationwide presence, making us one of the best in India.

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Fuel System


Our rotary pump repair, maintenance, and testing services cover rotor heads, cam rings, solenoids, advance control valves, torque trimmers, transfer pumps, pressure regulators, fuel filling control valves, metering valves, speed governors, and distributors, among other specific parts.


Our services for common rail systems include the diagnosis, repair, and testing of specific parts such as high pressure pumps, IMVs (Inlet Metering Valve), common rails, fuel pressure sensors, fuel pressure regulators, CR injectors, and high-pressure lines.

Services Facilities

LIS undertakes Warranty, Post Warranty jobs, Highway Service, Training & New Product Support.
We Support Product Service Faclities
  • AVM2-PC for CR Pump and Injector
  • CRI-PC for CR Injectors
  • i-Comet
  • Rotary & Inline- 600-E
  • AE Test Bench
  • Wabco Test Equipment
  • Battery Charger
  • ARTD - Regulator Tester
  • Diagnostic Scan Tool