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During the year 1993, manufacturing set-up was re-engineered incorporating cellular manufacturing concept. The engineering support for the product development is provided by Lucas – TVS Engineering Centre at Padi. The After Sales and Service for products are provided by the wide Sales and Service Network of Lucas Indian Service (LIS) and TVS group companies.
The factory premises shifted from Patullous Road to Ambattur Industrial Estate in the year 2011 and new projects viz., Brush Gear Assembly (Car & Commercial), Drive Assembly, Pinion, Clutch assembly, Rotor Coil & Switch Coil Winding assembly, Field Coil Assemblies commenced subsequently
We are developing Gear reduction starter relay, Field coil and Brush gear assemblies to meet new advanced technology requirements and also for BS4 to BS6 conversions.


Auto Electrical Components and Spares.
4ST Starter Relay (Magnetic Switch)

Starter Motor

Pinions (CAV)

CAV -Starter Motor

Sol. Switch winding Assembly

CAV Starter

Clutch Assembly

CAV - Starter Motor

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Lucas Indian Service Limited established in 1930 in India by Joseph Lucas, Birmingham, U.K. for Sales and Service of Auto Electrical Components / Equipment. A manufacturing plant of Ignition Coils for Four-wheelers and Two-wheelers was set-up in Chennai during the year 1960 catering to both OEM and replacement markets. In the year 1993, the product range was expanded to include 4ST (Chassis Mounted) & subsequently 9M14 (Starter Mounted) Electro mechanical relays started in 2008.